Valdirose, charming bed & breakfast in Tuscany

Not long ago we have decided to spend the end May bank holiday weekend in Tuscany, a place we’ve been couple of times in the past, a place close to our hearts.

Our first trip to Tuscany was in 2011, when, despite being already on the bucket list of many people, was far from what became today – packed with tourists which steals the charm and authenticity of this place.

To make the most of your trip to Tuscany, I’d strongly recommend to go outside the peak season (May to early September is when it gets the busiest). Or try to avoid places like Siena, San Gimignano and go off the beaten track in small villages.

Coming back to our trip now and what made it so special. Shortly after booking the flight to Bologna, I’ve started my search for a place to stay. Needless to say that I’ve spent hours on, airbnb, pinterest and many other websites in my desperate search for the perfect place in Tuscany.

And just when I was losing my hopes and was ready to make some compromise (as you can’t have it all, right?), I found it! Couldn’t believe a place like this exists and that a room was available for my dates. How lucky‚Ķ

Valdirose is one of a kind place. Is the perfect combination of everything you could hope for, and more than that. The beautiful garden with olive trees and flowers. The winter garden, where lights inundates in the morning which serves as breakfast area. Vases with flowers from the garden in every corner of the house and beautiful antique objects which offer the place a unique charm.

The house is stunning and our bedroom attentively decorated with objects bought at the flea market and refurbished and repurposed. Loved the rail serving as support for the bed lamps, but also the original way of hanging the painting on the wall. The most comfortable bed and the comfiest linens

Paolo and Irene are lovely people and mornings with them at Valdirose are all about good mood, laughter and quality time spent in their company. The most adorable is actually Irene’s father, who pops in sometimes to steal something sweet and despite the fact that he doesn’t speak English, he loves staying around and listening to our conversation. How cute is that?

Breakfast at Valdirose is probably the best moment of the day, the hygge moment. You forget about the plans for the day, like nothing else matters.

Paolo prepares the perfect cappuccino and Irene amazing cakes and fruit tarts. The homemade apricot and fig jams with butter on toast are to die for and their granola with the honey yoghurt is something you can’t miss.

At Valdirose is all about beautiful details in every corner of the house. Paolo is passionate about buying and restoring antique objects from the flea market and Irene’s props chest of drawers is dreamy.

We couldn’t be happier to discover Valdirose and meet Irene and Paolo and their guests, but also couldn’t be more sad to leave this place. I’m sure will be back one day to this special place near Florence.

Thanks again for having us:)

And for those curious to learn more about this place, check the Valdirose website and the gorgeous instagram accounts of Paolo and Irene (links above in the post).

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