Tried & tested places for breakfast in Los Angeles, US

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it shouldn’t be skipped. And as per my experience, the start of the day gives the mood of what will follow and the good energy.

Traveling to LA, I have investigated upfront nice places where to enjoy a good coffee & a healthy breakfast. And all of them proved to be extremely nice, full with local people which gives you a different perspective of the city. It’s important to feel the real vibe of the city and to get to know the locals. Everybody is friendly, ready to help if needed, extremely polite and in the same time ready to engage in discussions with you. They are curious and they want to know more about you. Somehow they always manage to make you feel that they care.

Coming back to the places for breakfast:)

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Verve Coffee – cozy place with a green terrace where you can peacefully enjoy a good coffee, natural juices and delicious pastries. Don’t expect nothing sophisticated, there is no kitchen so they cannot cook for you. 

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Blacktop Coffee – small & cozy place, you can enjoy the breakfast on the terrace (no possibility inside). This is the right place if you want to go for something simple, either pastries,granola with fruits or salmon toast (other options are also available, this is what I have tried). And of course a good cup of coffee.

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Republique is a more sophisticated place, where the choice is veeeery generous. That’s why it becomes so difficult to choose because everything on the menu sounds appealing and all the exposed pastries are mouth watering. No matter what you end up with, I am sure that will be delicious. The place itself looks amazing, with a different design.

There is no possibility to book a table for breakfast, you should go there directly. The only disadvantage is that you may end up waiting for 10-20mins as they have a different system – you order at the counter, you pay and after that you will be seated. And as I mentioned before that it takes time to decide to choose (as everything is tempting), the queue might be a bit slow. But be patient as it worth it.

The place is open all day long, you can equally go there for lunch or dinner (reservation is recommended).

For more details you can check their websites. They are also on Facebook and Instagram if you need some visual motivation.

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