Top things to enjoy for free in London


You’re planning a trip to London and you believe that visiting the main attractions of the city will cost you more than your flight?

Here is some inspiration of how you can enjoy the city while saving your pennies for a delicious afternoon tea (or for anything else you might want) 🙂

For the art lovers, there are a few options in the city, depending on your preference. Tate Modern is focused more on contemporary art, while Tate Britain displays the national collection of British art from 1500 up to present day, but also international and modern art. If it happens to be around Trafalgar Square you can pop in the National Gallery with over 2300 paintings in the collection from da Vinci to Van Gogh.


Fan of museums? All the major museum are free in London, but most of them offer temporary exhibition which you can enter for a fee. My favourite is the British Museum, with the glass ceiling and the double staircase in the middle. Don’t miss the Egyptian collection, it’s impressive indeed. National History Museum is also on my list of must see when in London, with an amazing dinosaur skeleton right at the entrance (if you take the right one).


If you are lucky enough to have good weather (yes, that can happen too in London), you cannot miss some of London’s beautiful parks and gardens. St James Park is my favourite out of all parks I’ve been so far as it offers great views over the Buckingham Palace and London Eye, but without being in the middle of the noisy crowds, but enjoy the birds and friendly squirrels. Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens are enormous and include the popular Diana Memorial Playground.


Fancy a view of London from above but don’t want to spend your money and time queuing to take the famous London Eye ride or to go up on the Shard?  Book your FREE visit at the Sky Garden (you can book up to 3 weeks in advance, the earlier the better as they give a limited number of tickets/hour) and enjoy a great view of the iconic attractions while sipping your coffee at their bar on the 35th floor of the building.


In the mood for street food and why not some bargains? Try one of the London’s famous markets: Borough Market (next to London Bridge, also 15min walk from the Tower Bridge on the South Bank), Portobello Market (close to Kensington Gardens, in the  famous Notting Hill neighbourhood) or Camden Market (close to Regent’s Park, which btw I forgot to mention earlier).

St Paul’s Cathedral, unlike Westminster Abbey (for which you need to pay around 20£ to enter) is for FREE. They are charging you only for visiting the crypt and the 3 galleries in the Dome.

Enjoy it!



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