The vibrant colours of Mexico City

The trip to Mexico was probably one of the most beautiful, vibrant, colourful, lively trip of ours so far.

February is for us the month for a 2 weeks trip, as we need a break from the cold winter in London. Important criteria when choosing the destination: definitely a new place (too many places to be seen, too little time), it needs to be safe for a road trip & has to be a combination of sightseeing, but also time at the beach to soak up some vitamin D.

And this year we’ve decided to go to Mexico, at the recommendation of one of my closest friends. They have done Yucatan and Riviera May couple of years back. As a big fan of Netflix’s series, Chef’s table, going to Mexico meant I could finally go to Pujol. But to make this possible, I had to include couple of days in Mexico City in our 10 days itinerary in Mexico.

So here I was booking my outbound flight to Mexico City, and booking lunch at Pujol the very same day. In the end this was the main reason for going there.

Where to stay in Mexico City:

Choose La Condesa or Roma neighbourhoods, as you’ll be close to the main attraction points in the city. I would like to say walking distance, however Mexico City is so big that walking might not be feasible all the time. With loads of gorgeous airbnbs in the city, for all budgets, finding a place to stay won’t be a problem.

We stayed ourselves in a lovely airbnb, just next to Parque Mexico. Alejandra is a lovely host and has couple of flats to rent in the same building, just above Caffe Toscano. All her flats are serviced and breakfast is included in the rate and served downstairs in the Cafe. Also, all her flats are equipped with a Nespresso machine, perfect for the jetlag :). This is the flat we’ve booked for our stay, however if you want to check all her listings, visit her profile. Not to mention that just across the street is probably the most popular churreria in Mexico City, Churreria El Moro. How convenient is this?

Breakfast downstairs is delicious, the photos you find on instagram don’t do justice to the place. Have the avocado toast or one of their omelettes, and also order one of the fresh juices. One quick tip here – one juice would be enough for 2, as it’s 500ml of freshly squeezed fruit. What’s also nice about this place, is that since it’s right next to the park. There are lots of people taking their dogs to the dog school in the park across the street. It’s just nice to watch them passing by.

How to get around the city?

Uber is the answer for all those moments when your feet can’t take it anymore. I must say, because Uber is so cheap in Mexico city, we haven’t even tried to get on the tube or on a bus. The only thing you need to be mindful of is the internet connection. Data abroad can be very expensive. Otherwise, everything is just a click away. Just to give you an idea, an Uber from the airport to the city, let’s say La Condesa, is around €6-7. In 2 days in Mexico city + from/ to the airport we’ve spent roughly 50eur and believe me, we’ve used it extensively.

Cash or card?

Most of the places in Mexico City accept card payments, and it’s absolutely safe to use it in reputable places. However you might consider withdrawing some cash from an ATM for the smaller  transactions. We recommend using machines in a bank, rather than random machines on the street for safety reasons. Mexico city is cheap, unless you chose to go for fine dining, where it’s still cheap compared to a Michelin starred restaurant in Europe or any restaurant in the US. Local currency is Mexican Pesos.

What to do in the city?

Museo Soumaya – one of Mexico city’s best museums, offering an impressive collection of  important art. It’s architecture is unique and the top floor is one of a kind. Admission is free.

Right next to Soumaya Museum, is Jumex museum offering contemporary art, twisted is the right way to describe it.

Casa Azul – the house where Frida Khalo and her husband, Diego, lived. If there’s one place you need to see in the city, than this is it. There is something special about this place that gave me goosebumps and the feeling that Frida’s spirit is still in the house (in a good way). It’s advised to get your tickets in advance as this is possibly the most popular place in Mexico City.

Casa Luis Barragan  or one of the houses in Mexico City he designed. Book in advance if you can. Luis has been an renowned Mexican architect and engineer.

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral – impressive architecture. If you get to that area, it’s worth wandering the streets around you get the real vibe of the city. Admission is free.

Parque Mexico – tranquility do exist in this busy city. The surprising thing is that you’ll see lots of dogs which are being trained every day in the park.

Get the local vibe at one of their markets – we’ve passed by Mercado Medellin in the morning when they were setting up for the day.

As we only had 2 days in the city, there was not enough time to tick off everything on my list, so the plan is to go back someday for what’s left:) Hoping you’ve got more time, I leave you here my list: Chapultepec Castle, Palacio Postal, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Palacio Nacional, La Ciudadela (handicraft market).

Some other random photos I took in Mexico City, for you to enjoy

Where to eat?

If you’re looking for fine dining, then Pujol is the place. Check my other article dedicated to Enrique Olvera’s restaurant. Book ahead if you don’t want to miss it. Pujol is featured in Chef’s table on Netflix (this is how actually I found it) and is number 13 in World’s 50 Best restaurants.

The restaurant on the 11th place in the same top, is also in Mexico City (I know, how lucky are they?) and it’s called Quintonil. We had a lovely dining experience and their tasting menu really tasty, however for me it’s miles away to Pujol. You might think differently, just sharing my very personal opinion. don’t judge please:)

Mercado Roma – we stopped for lunch for tacos. It’s like any food market, lots of variety, but mainly Mexican dishes

Churreria El Moro – they’ve got couple of locations around the city, so impossible to miss them. And you don’t want to miss them, believe me.

Rosetta panaderia – lovely bakery in Roma neighbourhood. They’ve also got a restaurant which you might wanna check.

Other restaurants I had on my list, but I didn’t have enough time to try them all

El Parnita & Paramo, both serving Mexican food and located in Roma neighbourhood

Lalo! – good spot for breakfast. We stopped for a coffee and we’d recommend. Eno – recommended for breakfast as well.

Huset – mexican restaurant, Orinoco – good for tacos.

Cocktail bar – Baltra bar. We went for drinks one night, cozy place, great cocktails, excellent service. It’s advised to book in advance as the place is quite small and you might end up waiting for a table/seats at the bar.

After being there, I reckon there’s no reason to worry about where to eat or have a coffee as the city is filled with great places to stop for a break.

Enjoy Mexico and good luck with planning your trip. Do drop me a line in comments if you have any questions, happy to help with advise.

Safe travels!

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