The Harwood arms Michelin star gastropub in London

Another weekend, another restaurant to be added to our list of Tried & tested places in London. The Hardwood arms gastropub has been waiting its turn for quite a while, but after having lunch there I can say it was worth it.

Located in Fulham, tucked away on Walham Grove, by the name and its look (just on the outside) you’d say is just another British pub serving beer and scotch eggs. Which by the way, they do!

But once you’re being seated and start browsing their menu, your thirst for beer transform in a desire to try one of their wines, which, if you ask me, would better match the dishes they offer.

If you’ve read any of my other articles reviewing restaurants, you’d know I’m a huge fan of the bread & butter. Definitely not any bread&butter, but something tasty enough to deserve eating it. This was the case with theirs!

We’ve had liver pate and the cornish crab on British muffin to start with, followed by the fish dishes on their menu. I usually don’t expect much from the fish dishes, but this time both were extremely tasty, salty and juicy enough, perfect to go with a glass (or more) of white wine.

And since there’s always some room for dessert, or at least you should save some, we went for the doughnuts! And definitely no regrets! Take me back now to have another portion, this is how much I enjoyed it!

If you decide to go, make sure you book a table in advance as they’re usually very busy, especially for dinner in the weekends.

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