Siem Reap: my favourite spots around the city

You don’t need many reasons to go to Cambodia, you just need one and that’s Angkor Wat. It’s said to be the largest religious monument in the world and that’t true, it’s impressive. The complex of temples is beautiful & the visit is unforgettable. A must from your visit: Angkor Wat (undoubtably the most famous of the Angkor temples, I am sure everybody has it on the list), Bayon (characterised by the gigantic faces), Ta Phrom (where the trees with gigantic roots destroyed the walls of the temples, it’s impressive and by far my favourite). Small, but equally beautiful are Preah Khan and the Terrace of Elephants.12562619_10153834082588905_1668536712_oSome tips for planning your trip to the temples.

  1. There are 2 classical tours that almost everybody offers: Small Tour and Grand Tour. Grand tour is more expensive and so called ‘big’ only because it’s further, to because you get to see more temples vs the small one. If you have only one day to spend, I would definitely opt for the Small tour (as it contains all the above mentioned temples).
  2. You need to be aware that the distances between the temples are significant & that you definitely need to hire a car (with driver – around 40$ a day) or a tuk-tuk (20$ a day).
  3. Ladies, please make sure you wear long trousers/skirt and that your shoulders are covered, otherwise you will not be able to enter the inner temple of Angkor Wat.
  4. If I were you, I would take some sandwiches/pastries with me, because except fruits and drinks, which you can buy almost everywhere, if you are not a fan of the street food, you can starve a bit:)

But telling you about the temples & what to see around was not my main goal, as I am sure you will find plenty of information everywhere you type the magic words. I would rather talk about the culinary experiences that you can find in the busy city.

Tried and tested restaurants for dinner

Sugar Palm – is definitely the place to try the traditional flavours, infused with local spices and herbs. It is set in a beautiful wooden house, on the first floor, having both outside and inside seating. By the way it looks, I would say that the owners are leaving at it’s ground floor.

We had as starters the Crispy Spring Rolls and the Beef Skewers, followed by the Fish Amok with steamed rice and the Fried Noodles with Shrimps. Delicious:) The strong flavoured food and the mix of ingredients made us to love their kitchen.

Make sure you book ahead, the place although is hidden, it’s very popular.

Cuisine Wat Damnak

I found it on the list of the best 50 restaurants in Asia and I immediately wanted to try it. In the very next minute I was booking a table for dinner, but to my surprise the place was booked for the requested date and for the following 10 days. They were kind enough and put me on the waiting list and, it seems that I was lucky enough as I got a table.

The french chef gives another interpretation to the local food in a menu consisting of 5 or 6 courses (at your choice), with 2 options available. No a la carte menu available, so I would suggest you to check on their website the available menu to get an impression about the food.


During the day or late in the evening

The little red fox espresso bar is the perfect place in the city to stop for a good coffee and some snack. The bar is on the ground floor, while on the first floor there is a barbershop.

We’ve tried here the bagel with salmon and the homemade carrot cake, both of them delicious, followed by the ice coffee. What can go better on a hot day?

This place is set on a not that touristic street, where besides this place there are some other stores with souvenirs and handmade local stuff (in case you need to buy some things for home).

Closer to the centre there is another cool place, where we took a break for a fresh juice. they have a good list of smoothies, different interesting combinations, perfect for a break in the busy city. The food and sweets looked equally appealing, you might try them if you want. In case you want to go, look for Sistersreycafe on the Khmer street, 101.

In the mood for cocktails? Miss Wong is the place you want to be – interesting decors, good vibe and a generous list of cocktails.


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