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Pujol restaurant, Mexico City

Pujol, Mexico City

Every winter, fed up with the cold & humid weather in London, we travel to a place where the sun is not that shy. This year, after a veeery long research, we’ve decided it’s time to go to Mexico. Yucatan and Riviera Maya were the 2 places I had in mind, as I’ve heard only good things about this region, but more importantly I’ve been told it’s safe to drive around.

However, how could I go to Mexico and not go to Pujol? Now, all the fans of the Chef’s table Netflix series would understand me. For those not having a clue about this, you’d better watch this episode and everything will make sense to you all of the sudden.

So, there I was organising the trip and deciding to spend 2 days in Mexico City, the main reason being Pujol. And I could not be more pleased with my decision, not only that Pujol was an amazing, unforgettable, one of a kind experience, but also the city is so intense, full of flavours and smells.

First of all, the place is enchanting. The attention to detail, the lights, the bar (where you can enjoy the taco menu & sip from a cocktail, or more), the tree inside and the open roof above it, everything was very well thought through to create this amazing place. And not only the interior is gorgeous, but they’ve also got an outdoor seating area and a bar where you can finish your drink and enjoy the dessert(s). It’s a peaceful corner in a big & vibrant city. It’s the quiet you need to fully enjoy the moment and to create memories for a lifetime.

They offer a 7 course tasting menu, with 2 options: Corn & Sea. We were the 2 of us, so we had the chance to try both of them and experience all Enrique’s beautiful creations. All the dishes are special, with a story behind, based on Mexican particular ingredients. Who would have ever thought I’ll have the chance to have the Mole madre or the Smoked baby carrots, dusted with Chicatana ants powder? Or a beautiful ceviche in a corn leaf?

Probably Enrique’s most famous dish is the Mole: aged Mole (1882 day & counting) and fresh Mole (in the middle). It’s to be had with warm tortillas and served by hand.

Mole madre, mole nuevo, Pujol, Mexico City

No better way to finish off than with a beautiful desert, which has been served to us in the garden:

Gaznate, soursop, sake, raisins – a Mexican cannolo

Coffee tamal, ginger ice cream, honeycomb

We can’t recommend enough Pujol, it’s one of the very few places which have impressed us with everything, not only with Enrique’s amazing dishes. It absolutely deserves its place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico City, make sure Pujol is on your list and book in advance because as you’d expect is rather popular these days.

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