Pelion, Greece

This autumn we ended up in Pelion to attend our friends’ wedding. I was not expecting much from this region, as we all know Greece is about the dreamy islands, sandy beaches and turquoise clear water. Well, Pelion is a place of great natural beauty, the wonderland of Greece, still unexplored and authentic. Pelion is actually a mountain, 4h drive from Athens and around 3h drive from Thessaloniki, sprinkled with traditional villages and serene beaches. It’s a good destination for those looking for an active holiday, but also for those dreaming about lazy days at the beach.

Where to go at the beach?

Mylopotamos Beach – small beach, easily accessible, with parking available nearby. check ┬áthe weather before heading to the beach, when it’s windy, the beach is flooded

Damouchari beach – where Mamma Mia was filmed:)

Plaka Beach, Lampinou Beach, Fakistra Beach

Where to eat?

Aggelika Taverna (next to Mylopotamos beach) – my favourite in Pelion as it had it all: the perfect setting, offering a view to the sea, incredibly friendly staff and delicious seafood (grilled, fried, boiled – it’s all up to you:) ) and a huuuuge basket of bread. Desert is always on the house in Pelion, but you may also order something from the menu if you fancy.

Can’t remember the name of this taverna and it’s almost impossible to find it on google maps, but it’s at Damouchari beach and it offers delicious grilled seafood (we have tried shrimps and the catch of the day), but also the famous fried anchovies (my absolutely favourite when in Greece).

But the best finding of this trip was Anapodo Platani. This hidden gem (and I mean hidden) is THE place to enjoy a glass of wine and some quick bites which Maria (the owner of this place) prepares herself with love for her guests. Located in a little square, with a gigantic plane tree in the middle giving shade to the entire square, this is a dreamy place to spend the entire summer.

I leave you with some more photos from Pelion, hoping it will give you a little inspiration for your next holiday:)

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