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Osteria della Bottega – Tried&tested in Geneva

Geneva is like second home to us, we’ve been living there for a couple of years before moving to Budapest and later on to London (our current home).

Going back feels like we would have never left the town, with one exception – the new places which have been opened in the past years, which we’re very happy to try. Old is good, but somehow new is always better 🙂 At least for us, every new experience makes us richer and educates our taste.

At the recommendation of a friend living there, we’ve tried Osteria della Bottega, where we’ve enjoyed both the atmosphere and the food.

Located in the old town, like its name suggests, Osteria della Bottega is a small Italian restaurant, with modern, yet minimalist decor, offering dishes from different regions of Italy. It’s all tempting, so despite the relatively reduced menu (not that typical for an osteria), trust me you’ll have difficulties in choosing what to have.

What did we have?

Bread & focaccia accompanied by olive oil to begin with, a must for every meal!

For starter we had the “Panzane” salad, squid and basil – a salad inspired from Tuscany with crunchy bread, tomatoes and squid

Burrata and mixed leaves – no description needed, as I’m sure you’re all aware of how tasty such a basic Italian dish can be 🙂

As mains, we chose the Filled rabbit, chantere e mushrooms and almonds – dish typically Piemontese and the Fetuccine with octopus and tomatoes sauce. Both of them really nice and definitely recommended, especially the rabbit which was soft and extremely tasty.

Next time you’re in Geneva make sure you book a table with them. And if you’re into michelin star dining, you could check their other restaurant, La Bottega. Looking forward to trying this next time we’re in town.



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