My top 5 restaurants in Budapest

The culinary experience should be part of every adventure. This post is meant to be a source of inspiration for you, no matter if you are just visiting Budapest for a couple of days, you recently moved here or this has always been your home.

As a food lover I like experiencing and discovering new places and there is nothing which makes me happier than finding places where I instantly want to go back. Or to recommend it to the others, to you.

  1. Mak Bistro – it’s by far the place I like the most in the city, a place which gives me all the reasons to go back again & again. Delicious food, excellent service, friendly people & a lovely atmosphere. And what I love the most is that the Chef, Janos Mizsei, is reinventing the traditional hungarian kitchen in a simple and creative way. To read more about, see my dedicated post on the blog.
  2. Es Bisztro – it’s definitely ‘THE PLACE’ in town for a Sunday lunch. I call it brunch, as I always skip breakfast before going there. What is so special about it? THE TAFELSPITZ & the most delicious spinach cream I ever had. This is how I became a fan of spinach actually, as before trying it here it was not really on my culinary list. For a reasonable price (around 10.000huf/pers) you can get everything you want from their food menu 🙂 You begin with a cold starter plate, followed by the Tafelspitz soup & a main course (or more) at your choice. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert! It’s delicious, I promise you! The coffee and the drinks are included. Make sure you book a table in advance. For more details visit
  3. Fausto’s Osteria – simply because I love their fish soup and the tiramisu! One of the Italian restaurants in town I often visit, as I enjoy the cosy atmosphere, the friendly service and, of course, the good food! Unlike most of the Italian restaurants, they have a relatively short menu, but it’s impossible not to find something you like.
  4. Tratoria Pomo D’Oro – whenever I am in the mood for a Vitello Tonnato, this is the place I go. It’s a typical Italian restaurant, with an endless menu, which makes it hard to choose as you feel like eating everything. No matter if you are in the mod for a good pizza, a seafood risotto or the well known Fiorentina, this place can definitely satisfy your wish and your stomach. It is advisable to book, as it’s not easy to find a table.
  5. Petrus – it’s one of a kind place in Budapest behind 2 reasons: THE PLACE itself, not only nicely decorated, but cozy in the same time and THE FOOD. I would say that the cuisine is french, but the Chef definitely knows how to give it a Hungarian twist. It’s the place where you can get a delicious meal at a reasonable price. Hidden in a small square in Pest side, it definitely worth the efforts of getting there.

Stay tuned, there is more to come!


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