Lyle’s, casual michelin star dining in London

One of the perks of living in London is the variety of cuisines and restaurants!

After doing quite a bit of research and reading a couple of reviews on different blogs, I’ve  decided to book a table for Saturday lunch at Lyle’s. The restaurant is on the extended list of The world’s 50 best, occupying the 54th place, with 1 Michelin star.

Located in Shoreditch, on the High Street, Lyle’s is a very unexpected place. Once you step inside you’re leaving behind all the noise & hipster vibe which is very much characteristic to the neighbourhood, and entering a serene world. It’s not what you’d expect from a Michelin star restaurant, it’s rather casual, with minimalistic decor and a simple, yet delicious menu.

While for dinner they do have a fixed menu (3 course menu + dessert) priced at £55 (quite decent for a Michelin star cuisine in London), for lunch they do have à la carte menu, designed for sharing (which I enjoy the most as I get to taste more dishes from the menu without feeling I have to make a compromise:) ).

There’s no proper meal without the bread & butter at the beginning and Lyle’s sourdough bread & salty butter were probably the best I’ve ever had. This was my reassurance that I’ve made a great choice when picking  the place. Their sourdough is just perfect – not too white, not too brown, but somewhere in between; soft enough in the middle but perfectly crunchy at the exterior. And the butter, oh the butter – creamy and salty enough to go with the bread.

What we really enjoyed form their menu, other than the bread of course:

Marrow soup – creamy, soft and refreshing

Grilled barra cockles – a bit smoky, with such a different flavour vs anything else I’ve tried before. quite a memorable dish

The Dexter flank, bobby beans and anchovy sauce – Irish beef breed (half of the size of Hereford), cooked on the grill. Was tender and soft, it went quite well with the anchovy salty sauce.

And since there’s no meal without something sweet at the end, we’ve shared the

Plum Kernel Cream, Greengage & Lancelot Plums – quite a unique combination of icecream, plums and almonds, covered in olive oil (unusual, yet interesting and tasty combination).

One thing to keep in mind is that the menu is likely to change, so not sure whether you’d find all the dishes above presented. But I’m very confident you’ll find something at least equally delicious!

For more details and to book a table visit their website at:

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