Lú, Cocina y Alma in Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera was not on our initial list for Andalusia. So many places in this region and so little time. One must chose what to see, and the most popular places always win. Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz, Ronda and this would be more than sufficient for a week. And this is what we’ve added to our travel map.

Ok, ‘what to see’ was sorted out, but no holiday planning is complete until we book some restaurants. We don’t mind being spontaneous when it comes to dining, but not entirely. From experience it’s always good to do a bit of research beforehand and even book some places if needed. Plenty of authentic tapas places everywhere, but we also wanted to experience the Spanish fine dining.

Lú, Cocina y Alma brought us to Vejer de la Frontera. After a thorough research on viamichelin , here I was, booking what was going to be an amazing culinary experience. What impressed me most, was the open kitchen placed in the middle of the restaurant. In this way, all diners could follow how the dishes were prepared and the plating. I’ve always been captivated by the patience of the talented chefs. Everything perfectly arranged on the plate, the prettiest plates of course. Tiny flowers and leaves, drops of magic potions, tweezers, pipettes and technique.

Couple of options for the menu, however the only things that were presented to us were the number of dishes and the price. Everything was going to be a surprise, which we loved, as there’s no bigger pleasure than to be surprised. Especially nowadays, when everything is so predictable and expected in a way. When was the last time when you were truly surprised by someone or something?

JUAN LUIS FERNÁNDEZ, the chef at Lú, Cocina y Alma, is mixing 2 of the most well known cuisines in Europe, French and Spanish in an elegant space, art nouveau style which we couldn’t enjoy more. Simple, yet with lots of beautiful details and the open kitchen which is fascinating. Entering the restaurant is like entering another world, the only analogy coming to my mind right now being Alice in Wonderland.

Each and every dish has been delightful, from beginning to the end. The amuse bouche has consisted of 3 different dishes: coquillage was first with 3 types of clams, followed by charcuterie and crudite, for a refresh of the taste buds before moving to the menu.

We’ve tasted the famous tuna on a steamed bun, the rockfish in a smoked gazpachuelo, albacore in bearnaise sauce. The white prawns in thermidor sauce had probably the most impressive plating. Beef bourguignon, a French specialty, but reinvented by Juan Luis.

Two desserts to finish off, the citrus and meringue and the hazelnut textures and fresh milk icecream.

Lú, Cocina y Alma added Jerez de la Frontera to our travel plans. After enjoying an amazing lunch, we’ve spent couple of hours exploring the city and enjoying a coffee in one of the small squares, before heading to Seville.

*this is not an ad, it’s just my very personal opinion after dining with them

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