London’s best sushi

Craving for sushi? The delicious food and the excellent service make your experience at Zen Mondo genuinely fabulous.

Zen Mondo is the sushi place in London you fall in love with at first sight and ‘taste’. It’s a cozy, ┬ápeaceful restaurant although it’s always full of people. People brought together by the same excitement, their passion for sushi.

The best spot is next to the window, so if you’re lucky enough to get that little table, there’s literally nothing left to ask for. Just the sushi, of course!

Our favourites:

The Eel and Cucumber or the Salmon and Avocado Sushi Handrolls

Cucumber rolls and Soft Shell Crabs medium rolls

Avocado & Crunchy Snow Crab inside out roll

Grilled Eel and Ikura Nigiri

Tuna and Ikura sushi Gunkan

No need to book, you can always find a table (tip: they’ve got more tables at the basement, so it’s worth asking the staff even if you think they’re full).

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