La Madia, Sicily

Somewhere in Sicily, in a town where time seems to have stopped and life to have a different pace, we found the amazing ‘La Madia’.

I have to thank to our airbnb host in Sicily, Tiziana, for having Pino Cuttaia’s  (chef at La Madia) cookbook, as this is how we found out about this amazing place. We were impressed by all the dishes presented in the book and we decided to check where the restaurant is and whether we could book a table for 2 days later – which was a bit daring given La Madia’s 2 Michelin stars.

Having a table confirmed, the fact that we had to drive the whole island to get there suddenly became of little importance.

We had Per le scale di Sicilia menu with 6 courses, each of them amazing in its own way.

  1. Pizzaiola: merluzzo all’affumicatura di pigna
  2. Mozzarella mousse wrapped in milk skin, accompanied by an amazing tomato (I mean the real, full of flavour Sicilian tomato) sauce
  3. Polpo sulla roccia
  4. Pasta minestra di crostacei
  5. Pescato del giorno arrostito
  6. The Sicilian cannolo, to finish with




La Madia was probably one of our best culinary experiences, in a lovely, unfussy place, with friendly people. Pino Cuttaia’s passion for cooking and talent was definitely felt throughout the entire meal, and we couldn’t be more happy to have him interacting with us. Hope to be back one day in this little gem, to enjoy more of Pino’s amazing dishes.

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