La Jasoupe B&B, Burgundy, France

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Just came back from Burgundy (Burgogne, in French), the region famous for the best wines of France and I can say that was more than I have expected. Great wines, beautiful landscapes, good restaurants with delicious food and of course, another great experience with the B&B I chose.

La Jasoupe had everything you could ask for. Located in a small village, far away from the crowded places, but close enough to Beaune, this place was one of my favourites. Beautiful, green & peaceful.

I have arrived quite late in the night, but the lady taking care of the place was kind enough to leave the keys at the reception, accompanied by a note. In the main building, on the first floor, there are 3 rooms & Havane was mine. Beautifully decorated, spacious, with high ceilings & huge bathroom, was definitely above my expectations. They took care of every detail.

On the ground floor, in the same building, it was the breakfast room. You have your own table, marked with the name of the room (mine was called Havane), so that you don’t stress about where to sit. In terms of food, the choice is generous enough, you can easily find something on your taste. From the famous French cheese & Parma ham or eggs, to the delicious Croissant/Pain au chocolate & different marmalades & honey. Fresh orange juice and Nespresso coffee are also there to please you. You can also enjoy your coffee outside on the terrace.

Other facilities: You can take the bike and go around the village or you can enjoy some time at the pool. They have parking on the site (in the courtyard) & Wifi (I know that for most of us it’s an important aspect).

Wine-tasting, a must when in Burgundy

I am not an expert in wines, but definitely I know more about after this weekend. There are 2 types of grapes in the region, Chardonnay for the white wines and Pinot Noir for the red ones, no blends. Depending on the quality of the grapes, both white and red wines are divided into 4 different levels: Grand Cru (only 1.5% of the wines produced in the region), Premier Cru (around 6-7%), Village (30%) and the simple Bourgogne (what is left).

My learning is that you should consider going for wine tasting with bigger producers or shops (although they definitely have their markup), because they have a significantly better assortment than the smaller ones. Going for small producers can be disappointing, usually they have quite limited assortment and the chances that you will like something are minimum. Wide range of choices gives you the chance to choose as per your taste and also budget.

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