La bottega del buon caffe, Florence, Italy

Dining at La bottega del buon caffe is one of those experiences you’ll never forget. Why is that? Because sometimes is not all about the food you’re eating, is about the way food is presented and served to you, about the polite and attentive staff and nevertheless, the the place itself. And La bottega del buon caffe has it all.

I loved the open kitchen, as I find it an excellent two way communication. Without mentioning that I’ve probably got the best seat in the restaurant, I was happy to watch how the plating was done, and how much passion was actually behind each and every plate they were sending to the tables. I can assure you that seeing this makes you appreciate even more the dishes.

At the same time, an open kitchen gives the chef the chance to keep an eye on people reactions when they first see, and later try the dish, because he’s always at the counter. It’s the surprise and joy on people’s faces that is the most honest feedback the CHEF could ever get back from the diners.

What impressed me the most and what made this dining experience memorable to me, was the fact that all the dishes were extremely tasty and well thought through, with no exception.

My favourite dishes: the veal tongue, celery, red prawns, citrus fruit and liquid parsley, the cappelletti pasta with pigeon, butter and thyme, and of course the cheesecake.

All photos are mine, except the feature photo (copyright )

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