Kussmaul – one of the best restaurants in Vienna


Hidden on a cobbled-stone street close to MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Kussmaul is definitely a gem of a place. It’s the perfect spot for any moment of the day: breakfast, late brunch, lunch or a fancy dinner. Or you can just stop by to enjoy a refreshing Aperol, good coffee & one of their amazing sweets on the lovely terrace.


Extremely good taste is the proper description for this place, both in terms of the unique fancy decor & the delicious food!

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I was there for lunch and I’ve tried the BURGER with BRIOCHE BUN, of the best I’ve had so far for various reasons – the meat was extremely good and cooked as per requested (I hate when you ask for medium rare and you get a well done burger); the brioche, OMG, simply delicious (I thank them for not using the regular, tasteless bread) & last, but not least the onion & pickles come on the side (in the end not everybody likes it). A vegan burger is also available for vegetarians. Another specialty of the Chef Mario Bernatovic (who is also the owner) is the LAMB BEUSCHERL (kind of a soup with thin strips of lamb) which tasted totally different vs what I am used to, but was extremely good.

I ended the meal with a luscious cheesecake, which came with fresh fruits on the side & a creamy cappuccino (and yes, the coffee is also good, everything is good here).

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The guy serving us confessed that they are using only organic ingredients and that they have their own garden in the area (amazing, isn’t it?). They also have a small vegetable stand where you can buy fresh tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, onion & not only.

I will definitely go back to Kussmaul as I want to try more of their specialties and to enjoy the fine dining as well! And I also recommend this place to you as it is one of the best I’ve tried so far. I loved it!

More details about the place & the menu is available on their website & their FB page



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