Émile restaurant – lovely place in Budapest

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“The only think I like better than talking about food is eating.” (John Walters)

I love food, good food. I love trying new places, I love experiencing new tastes, new dishes & new flavours. I search a lot about new places & check the menu and some reviews before booking a table.

Émile restaurant is my new discovery in Budapest, a beautiful house transformed in a restaurant. Located in a quiet & lovely neighbourhood, Émile is the place to enjoy a cold lemonade on a hot summer afternoon, a lazy brunch in the weekend or for any other occasion you may want to go.

It’s also a good place for buying cakes for anniversaries or parties!

I’ve been there recently for lunch, having high expectations & hope for a delicious meal (this is what happens when you read too much about a place and when you know that it’s part of the same family with Gerbeaud & Onyx one star michelin restaurant in Budapest).

The garden is amazing, I would have loved to stay outside, but when outside it’s 36degrees this becomes sort of mission impossible. So I’ve decided that it’s better to seat inside and fully enjoy the meal. The service is good, the staff is friendly & they are trying their best to satisfy all of your caprices.

I have started with the foie gras, which was not only extremely good, but the way the Chef combined it with the sweet ingredients (cherry & green walnut) and the way of putting the elements together on the plate was unique. And the duck liver icecream…YUMMY


This was followed by the Chicken paprikas with dumplings & cucumber salad and the Cod, mussels & tiger prawns. Both of them extremely tasty and the sauces, omg, delicious.


And as there is no meal without dessert, we’ve tried the Goosberries & Plum cake and the Iced nougat.

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The only regret I had was about not being able to finish it, as the portions were pretty generous. Small tip here: don’t eat too much bread with the salted butter you get at the beginning. I know, it’s hard to resist! 🙂

Cannot wait to go back, planning for a evening visit as I am sure the atmosphere is quite nice with all the lights in the garden.

More details about the place on their website or facebook page!



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