Core by Clare Smyth, London

When I first went to Core, I was extremely impressed with absolutely everything: from the elegance of the place (without being fussy), to the professionalism of the staff and the impeccable service, and of course the beautiful dishes.

And another thing that couldn’t go unnoticed was the seating at the tables – although we had a table for two, on one side of the restaurant, both chairs were orientated towards the room, so we both could follow the action around us. Don’t you hate it when one gets to enjoy the view, and the other ends up staring to the wall and of course to his/her beloved one:)?

Couple of weeks back, I was really pleased to find out that Clare Smyth and the team at Core has been awarded with 2 Michelin stars, as they truly deserve it.

We went to Core for lunch and we chose the small tasting menu (I always find it difficult to have more than 5-6 dishes for lunch and the point is not eating a lot, but enjoying each and every dish).

Lovely amuse bouche (Crispy smoked duck wing, burnt orange and spices & Cep and foie tartelette)

In house made bread & butter

‘Potato and roe’ – Clare’s signature dish

Skate with morecambe bay shrimps, Swiss chard, brown butter

Scottish Venison with smoked chestnut, pearl barley and whisky sauce

Core Apple pre-desert

Strawberries and verbena – meringue cup hiding a refreshing strawberry sorbet in the middle and a delicious lemon verbena cream, topped with wild strawberries

and the post desert, of course:)

All it’s left now is to book yourself a table and enjoy your meal at Core 🙂

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