Breakfast & coffee places in Cape Town, South Africa

Traveling to a new place is not only about ticking off the list most of the touristic attractions suggested by Lonely Planet, queuing at the museum’s entrances & taking the hop on hop off bus.

It’s about getting lost on the streets of the city to feel the local vibe, laying in the park & noticing locals behaviour, choosing Airbnb instead of the classic hotel & last but not least, rest & enjoy your holiday. We are always tempted to rush and tick everything on the list, but traveling should be in the end a pleasure, not a hassle. How often it happened to come back from vacation more tired than you were before?

When planning your trip, make sure you include in the daily schedule some small stops for a coffee or something sweet to boost up your energy.

Travelotheque’s favourites in Cape Town

Start your day at Lola’s with a rich & delicious breakfast. Situated in a Victorian house on the corner of Long Street & Buiten Street, in the city center, Lola’s is a cozy place, with large windows to let the sun come in. Local contemporary arts decorate the walls giving a fresh & young aspects. You can sit both inside and outside, depending on your preference & the availability. They are offering a wide range of choices from Eggs cooked in different style & French Toasted Croissant with Vanilla Syrup, to the classic Fruit salad with yoghurt & Sweetcorn fritters. The fresh juices here are a must, so it’s the coffee. And in the end you can say that you had a perfect breakfast!


Truth Coffee is another good option for breakfast, totally different style, quite modern & atypic, with cool & friendly staff. The menu is quite generous, from pastries & eggs cooked in different style to french toast or muesli. It’s so difficult to decide! Make sure you don’t leave without trying their coffee, is one of the best I’ve had in South Africa.


The last place on our list is ideal for a coffee/juice break accompanied by something sweet. Honest Chocolate is the name of the place & as you could imagine they are famous for their hand crafted chocolate. It’s amazingly delicious and once you get in the little shop you don’t know what to choose. Different types of pralines are available, but also some delicious cakes. You can serve it also on the spot, they have tables inside the place and a small yard in the back.

IMG_3171 IMG_3170

Travel with passion and enjoy every moment!

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