A foodie guide to Florence, Italy

The question is? Have you ever been to Florence?

The answer should be yes and if not, you’d better put it on your list. You can may want to wait till spring, although Florence is beautiful no matter the time of the year.

The city is like an open museum, you wonder and wander about everything around you. For me, Florence is probably the most romantic city in Europe, although most of you would argue with that. I love the narrow cobbled streets, the laundry hanged outside at the windows and the window shutters, the doors with lion knockers, the views, the people. The small coffee places, the markets, the authentic restaurants and the new cool places. The blue sky in summer, although the heat can be unbearable. The Duomo and Ponte Vecchio lighted at night.

The view from Abazzia di San Miniato al Monte (make sure you don’t miss that). And since you are there, it’s worth entering the church and having a stroll in the cemetery (I know, might be weird, but probably it’s the most beautiful you would see).

I won’t give you much advice here on what’s worth visiting, as that’s too easy to find. Instead I will be sharing with you my favourite restaurants and coffee places. I’ve been asked way too many times for recommendations and every team I thought would have been good to have a post on this. So here I am, sharing with you my favourites.

Trattoria Cibreo for a relaxed Florentine & Tuscan meal. There is also the up-scale version, Cibreo Restaurant next door. You decide where to go depending on your mood.

Right across the street they’ve also got a coffee place, if you’re in the area and need to refuel. Walking the streets of Florence can be tiring at times.

And since you are in the neighbourhood, please make sure you buy at Leonardo, THE place in Florence to buy cantucci, the famous double baked cookies. The famous ones are with almonds, but at Leonardo you can buy different types, depending on your taste. Mix and match is the best:)

Le Volpi e l’uva – it’s the place across the river, serving small plates and offering an amazing selection of wines. Nothing fussy about it,  rather simple and authentic.

Having a panino (this is how an Italian would call a sandwich) can always be an option, especially if you want to make the most of your time in Florence. I know at least two good places which you should not miss. All’antico Vinaio and Il Fratellini, both very popular nowadays, so you’ll most likely queue for a while.

Fancy a glass of wine while you rest your feet? Try Il Santino, it’s cosy and preferred by locals. You can enjoy some small dishes while sipping from a glass of Chianti. Perfect before heading back to your hotel.

If you’re a meat lover, then you have to try the famous Bistecca Fiorentina. Lots of options in the city, we’ve been to Buca Lapi and enjoyed a delicious steak. The setting is really nice as well and the staff quite friendly. Lovely atmosphere overall.

Fine dining is always an option, but to this we have dedicated an entire article about our Michelin star experience at La Bottega del buon cafe.

Breakfast is not popular amongst the Italians, a cappuccino and a croissant would do the job. You can have one at La Menagere. another favourite of mine. Loved the vibe of this place and their flower shop. They’ve also got a restaurant, if you fancy to go there for dinner.

Not tried, nor tested, but on our list for next time.

Ditta Artigianale for coffee – they’ve got 2 locations, one on each side of the river. Another place for coffee is Caffetteria Piansa.

Trattoria La Casalinga, serving Tuscan food.

S forno, Pasticceria Buonamici and Pasticceria Dolci e Dolcezze – for a sweet break.

Gelateria dei Neri – for gelato, what else?

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