10 tips on how to better plan your holidays


Holiday is magic, but planning it can sometimes be a nightmare. Here you have 10 TIPS on how to transform this into pleasure:)

  1. Always have a list of top destinations, which I am sure you do!
  2. Check the offers and choose the destination only after you have an idea about the costs (that’s why you need the wish list). Being sure about the destination and not being willing to compromise can end up with the most expensive ticket. Or maybe you are luck enough to get the ideal place at the best offer!
  3. Check the flights on scanning portals, which gather all the offers from all the airlines. Most of the times their offers are better than on the airlines’ websites. Momondo.com or Cheapoair.com are 2 of the websites I am using quite frequently. some additional benefits here: they do not increase the prices if you are checking the same flight several times (based on your IP); you can also set the fare alert (you get a notification when better offers appear)
  4. When is comes to accommodation, Airbnb is becoming more and more popular in the disadvantage of hotel booking websites. Check it before booking a room, because you can get better quality for the same price. I’ve tried it in different locations and I experienced only positive things. You can meet amazing people and you can better get the vibe of the place. And don’t forget, it’s all about the location. If it’s not central (this always comes with a price), it should be at least easily accessible by public transportation.
  5. Consider renting a car especially when traveling to a region where you want to explore & to see more than one town. It gives you the freedom of moving around and the opportunity to see new places which otherwise you cannot see. It gives you the flexibility of choosing the area for lodging which definitely have an impact on the price. Have you ever thought of that? Practically you reinvest the money in the car renting which brings you only benefits.
  6. You always end up eating in the most touristic places? Scan the internet before for some ideas, but always make sure you search either in the area where you leave, either where you plan to spend most of your day. Tripadvisor is quite popular for restaurants ranking, but keep in mind that this is user generated content. For sure these are not the places where locals are going for lunch because of the average quality & high prices. Always remember that best pizza in Milano is not near the Duomo and the best Foie gras in Paris is not on Champs Elysees. These are called tourist traps and I am quite sure you don’t want to be their victim.
  7. A lot of museums on your ‘To visit’ list? You’d better buy the tickets online as time on holiday is precious. Skip the line and the nerves & enjoy your time!
  8. Especially in the big cities when commuting takes a lot of time or involves a lot of walking, it’s better to plan your activities by area. I’m telling you, at the end of the day you’ll be more satisfied with your accomplishments.
  9. All of the above matter, but in the end everything comes with a cost. That’s why having an idea about the museums entrance fees & the prices in an average restaurant might help you to better plan the budget and to avoid ending up overspent.
  10. Stick to the plan, but don’t hold yourself back from oversleeping at least one day! After all, it’s a holiday!

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